David Sirota, Kelly Canfield and 40-50 others delivered a petition with 35,000 signatures on it, asking Michael Bennet to keep his promise and introduce an amendment for an up-or-down vote on the public option in the Senate.

SEIU and Progress Colorado showed up to demonstrate AGAINST the public option, advancing the pravda-esque notion that the health care bill will “die” if someone introduces an amendment to the sidecar reconciliation bill. It’s understandable that that they might have missed that “Mission Accomplished” business at the White House yesterday where the President signed the health care bill into law, but most people with a grasp of basic civics understand that once that happened, it couldn’t possibly be undone by this amendment.

Jane Benz (hope I got your name right, Jane) is one of the people who joined David and Kelly today to present the signatures:

Hi I’m Jane Benz, and we just met here today to offer a petition to Senator Bennet. It’s about 35,000 signatures in the last four days asking him to fulfill his commitment to present the public option while we’re in reconciliation. That’s really our best chance to get the public option back in because we can get the 51 votes. With his letter, he had gotten a lot of Senators to sign on and make commitments, so now’s the time to actually take that to action and actually accomplish the public option for all of us.

We do not want to be at the tender mercies (which are not so tender) of the insurance companies. And the way things are standing with the mandate, we don’t have good options and we don’t have price controls to really avoid those people. That’s why I’m here and that’s why I took the time out of my day to come and deliver this to Senator Bennet, to his office.

Yeah Jane. Thanks for being there.

Kelly is going to have more video later.

The New York Times has more on Andrew Romanoff’s primary challenge to Bennet, which I have to say I am really starting to enjoy after watching Bennet on the floor of the Senate today. I mean, he’s just lying. There’s no other word for it.