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Dennis Kucinich knocked Alan Grayson out of the #1 spot and now leads the field in Day 4 of the FDL Fire Dog Contest to determine which members of Congress will get FDL support in 2010.

Yesterday, Kucinich sent an email out to his list asking supporters to vote for him, and is now ahead by over 11,000 votes. But Grayson is fighting back and now has a post up at The Seminal, asking readers to vote for him.

The top three vote getters will receive a $10,000 fundraiser on ActBlue and 500 voter ID’s in their district to assist in getting Democratic voters to the polls in November.

Over 63,000 votes have now been cast. Each day at 3pm we announce the cumulative vote total, and Grayson had been in the lead since the Day 1 totals were announced.

Anthony Weiner has also knocked Eric Massa out of the #3 spot since yesterday. Massa drops to 8th place, with Barney Frank, Barbara Lee, Raul Grijalva and John Conyers moving ahead of him.

The bottom spot is occupied by anti-choice Rhode Island Democrat Jim Langevin with 7 votes.

One of the things I was struck by during the health care battle was how badly we suffered because progressive infrastructure has not developed any reliable way for incumbent members of Congress to finance their races that doesn’t involve crawling to corporate lobbying interests. But Alan Grayson’s stunning 4th quarter haul in 2009, the highest of any Democrat in Congress at $861,000, came from low-dollar online donors expressly because he has stood up to the banks as a member of the House Financial Services Committee.

It is well within the means of online progressive communities to support that kind of independence in our representatives. Moreover, if we’re asking them not to compromise their votes by taking corporate cash, it’s incumbent upon us to help them do so.

We had announced that we would close the voting at midnight tonight, but we’re going to keep it open until tomorrow morning and close it at 10am ET. The winner will still be announced at 3pm tomorrow.

Vote now for the 2010 FDL Fire Dogs

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Member of Congress Day 4 Total Member of Congress Day 4 Total
Kucinich, Dennis (OH-10) 18043 Miller, George (CA-07) 73
Grayson, Alan (FL-08) 6666 Fudge, Marcia (OH-11) 71
Weiner, Anthony (NY-09) 4136 Welch, Peter (VT-AL) 71
Frank, Barney (MA-04) 2818 Mitchell, Harry (AZ-05) 70
Lee, Barbara (CA-09) 1981 Murphy, Christopher (CT-05) 69
Grijalva, Raul (AZ-07) 1929 Carnahan, Russ (MO-03) 67
Conyers, John (MI-14) 1887 Cummings, Elijah (MD-07) 67
Massa, Eric (NY-29) 1800 Tsongas, Niki (MA-05) 67
Waters, Maxine (CA-35) 1796 Eshoo, Anna (CA-14) 63
Kaptur, Marcy (OH-09) 1329 Rodriguez, Ciro (TX-23) 60
DeFazio, Peter (OR-04) 1016 Courtney, Joe (CT-02) 59
Doggett, Lloyd (TX-25) 890 Vel·zquez, Nydia (NY-12) 58
Wasserman Schultz, Debbie (FL-20) 778 Harman, Jane (CA-36) 57
Ellison, Keith (MN-05) 750 Kagen, Steve (WI-08) 57
Pingree, Chellie (ME-01) 717 Arcuri, Michael (NY-24) 55
Pelosi, Nancy (CA-08) 692 Carney, Christopher (PA-10) 55
Schrader, Kurt (OR-05) 681 Dicks, Norman (WA-06) 55
Woolsey, Lynn (CA-06) 657 Driehaus, Steve (OH-01) 55
Waxman, Henry (CA-30) 630 Hastings, Alcee (FL-23) 55
McGovern, James (MA-03) 601 Stupak, Bart (MI-01) 55
Edwards, Donna (MD-04) 467 Davis , Susan (CA-53) 52
Baldwin, Tammy (WI-02) 367 Sherman, Brad (CA-27) 52
McDermott, Jim (WA-07) 333 Sutton, Betty (OH-13) 52
Shea-Porter, Carol (NH-01) 316 Berman, Howard (CA-28) 51
Hall, John (NY-19) 305 Boswell, Leonard (IA-03) 50
Polis, Jared (CO-02) 296 Connolly, Gerald (VA-11) 50
Tierney, John (MA-06) 290 Halvorson, Deborah (IL-11) 49
Capuano, Michael (MA-08) 289 Price, David (NC-04) 49
Edwards, Chet (TX-17) 289 Moran, James (VA-08) 48
Kennedy, Patrick (RI-01) 281 Owens, Bill (NY-23) 47
Filner, Bob (CA-51) 275 Olver, John (MA-01) 46
Jackson-Lee, Sheila (TX-18) 242 Teague, Harry (NM-02) 46
Hinchey, Maurice (NY-22) 236 Klein, Ron (FL-22) 45
Blumenauer, Earl (OR-03) 219 Lofgren, Zoe (CA-16) 45
Clyburn, James (SC-06) 185 McCollum, Betty (MN-04) 44
Schakowsky, Janice (IL-09) 183 Miller, Brad (NC-13) 44
Watson, Diane (CA-33) 183 Adler, John (NJ-03) 43
Honda, Michael (CA-15) 180 Larsen, Rick (WA-02) 43
Yarmuth, John (KY-03) 176 Loebsack, David (IA-02) 43
Murphy, Patrick (PA-08) 172 Schwartz, Allyson (PA-13) 43
Stark, Pete (CA-13) 163 Berkley, Shelley (NV-01) 42
Farr, Sam (CA-17) 157 Kratovil, Frank (MD-01) 42
Capps, Lois (CA-23) 154 Shuler, Heath (NC-11) 42
Markey, Betsy (CO-04) 153 Bishop, Sanford (GA-02) 41
Inslee, Jay (WA-01) 151 Doyle, Michael (PA-14) 41
Hare, Phil (IL-17) 148 Carson, Andre (IN-07) 40
Kilroy, Mary Jo (OH-15) 144 Oberstar, James (MN-08) 40
Holt, Rush (NJ-12) 143 Clay, William Lacy (MO-01) 39
Garamendi, John (CA-10) 139 Himes, James (CT-04) 39
Giffords, Gabrielle (AZ-08) 139 Johnson, Eddie Bernice (TX-30) 39
Perriello, Thomas (VA-05) 139 Sarbanes, John (MD-03) 39
DeGette, Diana (CO-01) 137 Spratt, John (SC-05) 39
Nadler, Jerrold (NY-08) 136 Titus, Dina (NV-03) 39
Jackson Jr., Jesse (IL-02) 130 Napolitano, Grace (CA-38) 38
Dingell, John (MI-15) 129 Ellsworth, Brad (IN-08) 37
McNerney, Jerry (CA-11) 129 Peters, Gary (MI-09) 37
Obey, David (WI-07) 118 Van Hollen, Chris (MD-08) 37
Kirkpatrick, Ann (AZ-01) 110 Hill, Baron (IN-09) 35
Delahunt, Bill (MA-10) 109 Levin, Sander (MI-12) 35
Salazar, John (CO-03) 107 Moore, Gwen (WI-04) 35
Speier, Jackie (CA-12) 107 Rush, Bobby (IL-01) 35
Bright, Bobby (AL-02) 106 Smith, Adam (WA-09) 35
Castor, Kathy (FL-11) 104 Lowey, Nita (NY-18) 33
Ackerman, Gary (NY-05) 102 Matsui, Doris (CA-05) 33
Wu, David (OR-01) 102 Etheridge, Bob (NC-02) 32
Murtha, John (PA-12) 101 Thompson, Mike (CA-01) 32
Schauer, Mark (MI-07) 100 Tonko, Paul (NY-21) 31
Slaughter, Louise (NY-28) 97 Brady, Robert (PA-01) 30
Bishop, Timothy (NY-01) 96 Israel, Steve (NY-02) 30
Gutierrez, Luis (IL-04) 93 Pomeroy, Earl (ND-AL) 29
Skelton, Ike (MO-04) 93 Scott, Bobby (VA-03) 29
Brown, Corrine (FL-03) 92 Andrews, Robert (NJ-01) 26
Braley, Bruce (IA-01) 90 Kind, Ron (WI-03) 26
Maloney, Carolyn (NY-14) 89 Watt, Melvin (NC-12) 26
Cohen, Steve (TN-09) 87 Pascrell, Bill (NJ-08) 25
Payne, Donald (NJ-10) 85 Quigley, Mike (IL-05) 25
Chu, Judy (CA-32) 84 Peterson, Collin (MN-07) 24
Michaud, Michael (ME-02) 84 Rothman, Steven (NJ-09) 23
Perlmutter, Ed (CO-07) 84 Larson, John (CT-01) 22
Cleaver, Emanuel (MO-05) 83 Engel, Eliot (NY-17) 21
Foster, Bill (IL-14) 83 Johnson, Henry (GA-04) 21
Markey, Edward (MA-07) 80 Schiff, Adam (CA-29) 19
Luj·n, Ben Ray (NM-03) 79 McIntyre, Mike (NC-07) 18
Walz, Timothy (MN-01) 78 Mollohan, Alan (WV-01) 16
Heinrich, Martin (NM-01) 77 Kildee, Dale (MI-05) 14
Boucher, Rick (VA-09) 76 Roybal-Allard, Lucille (CA-34) 9
Fattah, Chaka (PA-02) 75 Sires, Albio (NJ-13) 9
DeLauro, Rosa (CT-03) 74 Langevin, James (RI-02) 7
Becerra, Xavier (CA-31) 73
Total 64027

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