(Nominations are still open, so if you’d like to nominate your member of Congress for FDL support in the 2010 election, do it here.)

Yesterday we announced that we’re going to taking nominations for which members of Congress the FDL community wants to help in 2010.

In the wake of the Massachusetts election, everyone knows Democratic turnout is going to be a huge issue.  So just as we did with our “One Voice for Choice” project, we’ll acquire lists of likely Democratic voters in specific districts and then phone bank directly to those households to ID voters and get out the vote.  We wound up with over 21,000 voter IDs on the OVFC project, and we want to do the same for Democratic House members that our readers support.

Here are some of the nominations we’ve received so far:

Nominator Zip Representative Reason for nomination
ken 07003 NJ-08 Bill Jr. Pascrell he has been an outspoken proponent of a real public option and real health care reform;as well as many progressive changes
Jeanette 34705 FL-08 Alan Grayson Because he’s the best damn progressive in the entire US House, he shoves the Republican rhetoric right back at them, and they hate his guts. He’s in for a battle because his district leans R and is has a active tea bagger movement. They WILL show up to vote. Alan will need every Democrat to do the same.
Madeline 43016 OH-15 Mary Jo Kilroy Profile in Courage: Congreswoman Kilroy voted against Stupak amendment and for health care reform’
Susan 03894 NH-01 Carol Shea-Porter She supports most progressive causes and will likely face stiff opposition in this conservative cycle.
Bill 48821 MI-07 Mark H. Schauer he has consistently voted for obama’s programs even oposing stupaks ammendment and standing up for womens rights. even though he had pushed out a religious right wing republican and has been targeted for removal by the right wing groups. lets help him stay in office.
Jamie 01602 MA-03 James P. McGovern McGovern has held consistent progressive positions on pretty much every issue. He, for instance, called for exit plan in Afghanistan and voted against the war supplemental.Having spoken with him, it seems that what he needs is consistent support and spine-strengthening from progressives. He said, for instance, on the cap and trade bill that all he heard was conservative criticism about taxes but essentially nothing from either supporters of the bill or from progressives calling for the bill to be stronger.

The local media is conservative, so it is imperative to have other channels such as FDL support to get the word out.

He is also in a very dangerous district. In the recent senate campaign, most of McGovern’s district–exurbs outside of Worcester turned out strongly and heavily for Scott Brown.

Nancy 32801 FL-08 Alan Grayson Alan speaks up for what is right. He is in nobody’s pocket. We need more Reps like him. He has made me very proud and I would vote for him again in a heart beat. He has proved to be someone to be reckoned with and that’s why Repubs are after his seat.
Stephanie 32803 FL-08 Alan Grayson Compare Alan Grayson to Suzanne Kosmas (neighboring districts & similar constituency) & you will walk away questioning which side Kosmas is on. But you will never question which side Grayson is on–the people’s. Every issue he has taken up & has gone full force for the progressives. Other than Obama, Alan Grayson was the first time I voted for a candidate I believed in who actually got elected–and unlike Obama, he has held tight to his promises. In fact, he has held to his promises so well that he will indeed be a HUGE target for the GOP & all of their huge conglomerate businesses–especially with the SCOTUS decision. He has taught Central Florida that politicians CAN stand up for whats right & scream it from the mountaintop! What a shame it would be for him to lose office because Disney, Darden, Publix, Chamber of Commerce & the like spends bazillions on getting him out. We need to fight like mad to keep Grayson where he should be, and FDL needs to help in that fight.
Jan 24590 VA-05 Thomas S. P. Perriello He’s been good, holding town halls, asking for our opinion on issues and is very much in touch with his constituents. He is a thousand times better than Virgil Goode ever was; he deserves to be re elected.
Jackie 45152 OH-01 Steve Driehaus Okay, since I couldn’t nominate the challenger in OH-02, I suggested Driehaus, who is a good guy and who’s going to run smack into Chabot’s well-funded machine. Consider also David Krikorian running against Mean Jean Schmidt in OH-02. He ran as an independent in 2008 and got the highest vote percentage of any independent in the nation (18%). Now he’s come home to his Democratic party roots and is clearly in a strong position to send Jean out of office. He’s a thoughtful, articulate person–and while I find he’s a little to the right of me, it’s not in a troubling, Blue Doggish way. He is not taking any PAC money and hates the influence of big money in politics. Krikorian is definitely worth our consideration.
richard 86315 AZ-01 Ann Kirkpatrick Ann, won when previous office holder Renzi, found himself under investigation. Ann sits in a strong republican district and I would like to think she could do it again.
michael 33647 FL-08 Alan Grayson he is a real liberal progressive and a major supporter of the public option. He is in a toss-up district, so he faces a tough re-election. He is someone who should remain in congress to fight for progressive values, but he needs money to win his re-election. Out of all the dems in florida, he is the most at risk of losing his seat. I think that only one other dem held district is close; the rest are safe.
Frank 78704 TX-25 Lloyd Doggett Congressman Lloyd Doggett has been reliable supporter of progressive causes throughout his political career.
1519 FL-08 Alan Grayson He rocks! And he’s not afraid to call a spade a spade. Or a war criminal a war criminal.
Todd 90046 CA-12 Jackie Speier Came out against Senate bill.
62012 OH-10 Dennis J. Kucinich His record.
Brian 98177 WA-01 Jay Inslee He’s strong on the environment
48374 MI-09 Gary C. Peters He unseated a Republican in 2008, and has been very vocal in support of working people, especially in Michigan where we are hurting. He is fighting and is being targeted by the Republicans in 2010. Help Gary Peters!
joe and mary 95612 CA-01 Mike Thompson the most progressive blue dog we have
Nance 97030 OR-03 Earl Blumenauer Rep. Blumenauer is great on all the issues.
John 75216 TX-30 Eddie Bernice Johnson Eddie Bernice is a charter member of both the Black caucus and the Progressive caucus. What’s more, she’s easy to support because she regularly gets above 90% of the vote. Most of the time, the R’s don’t even run a serious candidate against her.
Balaji 10004 NY-08 Jerrold Nadler A true progressive voice – voted against the Patriot Act in 2001
Madelyn 95060 CA-17 Sam Farr Sam is a standup guy, who supports the progressive values of his district on a variety of issues: healthcare reform, reproductive rights, immigration, and labor. Keep him in office, please!
Randolph 98107 WA-07 Jim McDermott A long-time progressive, good on many issues in many ways. *And* his office answers their e-mail.
Clark 14830 NY-29 Eric J. J. Massa Eric voted against the bank bail-out, supported the stimulus bill, is for a single payer health system, voted against the house bill and locally is making sure natural gas drilling in our district does not pollute our water. He is an independent thinker and voter,supporting the people.
Ray 94704 CA-09 Barbara Lee From her fight against the Iraq War and strong stand on the public option, Rep Lee is the only CONSISTENT progressive. While I nominate her, I seriously doubt she will ever be seriously challenged in this district. However, she needs to be recognized for her progressive stands.
ben 91934 CA-51 Bob Filner Consistently progressive winner in a “conservative”, Hispanic district. Good on gay issues, good on veterans issues too. Has his people at every event in his district. A real worker.
Steve 14830 NY-29 Eric J. Massa I live in NY-29 and Eric Massa is the real deal. He’s always cuts through the crap and calls it how it is. He’s also continually gone after the tea baggers on television and in a continual schedule of townhall meetings all over our district.
Stephen 88005 NM-01 Martin Heinrich Despite his freshman status in a former Republican held district, Martin Heinrich has been a leading outspoken progressive reformer. He has fought for real reform, when holding his head down and raising funds from big donors might have seemed the prudent politically wise thing to do. Martin Heinrich is bringing real progressive leadership to a Congress that badly needs it. He deserves our support!
Bryan 46208 IN-07 André Carson Is the only progressive-friendly member of Congress in the 16th largest state
James 94546 CA-09 Barbara Lee One of the only real progressives in the present party.
Barbara 12490 NY-22 Maurice D. Hinchey Maurice Hinchey has consistently supported progressive causes in Congress and has been outspoken against the wars and in his condemnations of the many crimes of the Bushies.
He has been vilified by the right-wing wackos and they are mounting a campaign to defeat him in November. He could use our help. Thanks.
Nancy 34788 FL-08 Alan Grayson Congressman Grayson speaks from the heart, not from a staff-scripted speech. He has no illusions that his frankness may cost him his seat. He will pass healthcare reform simply to save lives!
L. Maya 12498 NY-22 Maurice D. Hinchey i believe maurice hinchey has been a solid liberal throughout his long career.i have spoken w/ him privately about liberal-progressive issues & he has illuminated me about why & how he does what he does on certain issues. as a result, i trust that he is always trying to do the best he can to promote liberal causes & operates with integrity.

Some nominations didn’t qualify because they weren’t made by people in the district. You have to live IN THE DISTRICT to nominate your member.

Nominations close at midnight tonight, so if you’d like to nominate your member (or steer someone who lives in their district to nominate theirs), please do it by then.

Nominate your member of Congress for the FDL 2010 election support program.