In the wake of the news that the whole “60 vote” thing was just a fig leaf they were standing behind, and they can’t even get 51 Democrats in the Senate to agree to fix the bill later, Chris Van Hollen of the DCCC says the Senate bill is “irrevocably tarnished”:

Van Hollen also added that it would be a mistake for Dems to pretend the unpopularity of the Senate reform proposals wasn’t a factor in the Massachusetts loss.

Van Hollen’s comments provide perhaps the clearest glimpse yet into the thinking of Dem leaders and the options they’re considering, and illustrate why they may be reluctant for the House to pass the Senate bill, as some want.

“Because of provisions like the Nebraska deal, the Senate bill has been branded in a way that understandably makes it unacceptable in its current form to many voters, especially independents,” Van Hollen told me.

Van Hollen’s job is getting Democrats elected in 2010. The Senate bill is a travesty for a variety of reasons, but anyone who thinks that passing some shitty bill is going to help the Dems in 2010 is dreaming.