I notice there is  a diary up on Daily Kos attacking me for going on Fox & Friends. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t say what I actually said:

In 2000, the Republicans passed Medicare Part D, and it had no negotiation for prescription drug prices.  And then in 2006, when the Democrats took over Congress, the first thing they did was say “hey, we’re going to roll that back, we’re going to allow for [negotiation of] prescription drug prices to be passed.  But now that they actually have the chance, they’re not doing it.  And you’ve got people like Jeff Sessions on the floor of the Senate saying this is criminal, this deal is criminal, but he didn’t vote for it in 2000 or 2006 when he had the chance.  So we’re sort of looking at a situation where people on the right, people on the left, are looking at the Senate, and they’re saying “nobody’s there representing us.  Nobody’s representing the people.”  It’s just a matter of who’s in power and who’s taking PhRMA’s money.

I stand by that message, and I think it’s important for both people on the left and people on the right to hear.  There’s a difference between helping to recruit Democratic viewers to Fox that they don’t have, and bringing a message about PhRMA that divides Republican viewers from the party leadership by pointing out the hypocrisy of their talking points.

If there are those who don’t want any criticism of PhRMA out there and have written things in the past that have been consistently in line with PhRMA’s propaganda, I think it’s fair to ask what their obsession is with  shutting down the messenger.

I went on Ed Shultz last night, and Fox deliberately today after yesterday’s hubub.  It scares the bejesus out of the DC establishment of both parties to think that the left and right might align against the corporate interests that dominate  the massive giveaways that keep happening no matter who’s in power.

Good.  They should be scared.

h/t to Scarce for the video