How have the major health insurance company stocks performed since Joe Lieberman announced he’d filibuster the public option?  From  Oct. 27 to Friday’s market close:

Coventry Health Care, Inc. is up 31.6 percent;
CIGNA Corp. is up 29.1 percent;
Aetna Inc. is up 27.1 percent;
WellPoint, Inc. is up 26.6 percent;
UnitedHealth Group Inc. is up 20.5 percent
Humana Inc. is up 13.6 percent.

We guarantee 40 million more customers to the insurance companies, then claim it’s a good thing because the poor get a cup of coffee and a doughnut. Then we act like Lieberman did it, and claim it’s progressive change.

If this thing passes, and the corruption behind this bill becomes effectively demagogued by the GOP, I hope those fighting to pass this on behalf of the “poor” are going to enjoy wearing it.