Our good friends at DeSmog Blog do incredible work exposing PR scam artists who have completely distorted the climate change debate.  They are going to be here when James Hoggan is on Book Salon with his book The Great Climate Coverup on December 6.  With an introduction by Leo DeCaprio, the book exposes the techniques used by paid lobbyists and PR flaks that have led us to this sorry state of affairs – and they’re not afraid to name names.  I highly, highly recommend it.

Though they normally cover climate change, they recently weighed in on the 42 members of Congress who helpfully inserted lobbyist language into the Congressional Record in favor of endless patents on biologic drugs on behalf of the prescription drug industry.  Said Brendan Demelle:

Big Pharma, just like the climate denial industry, is willing to sell future generations down the river in exchange for a few more years of blockbuster profits for entrenched corporate powers.  (While the climate denial machine’s victims are mostly the unborn generations who will experience the worst effects of global warming, the pharmaceutical industry’s victims have names and faces today.)

Such grotesque lobbying tactics, coupled with huge cash outlays from industry to elected officials, are designed to protect short-term profits at the expense of human health and the planet.

Is this really the best we can do for our children and grandchildren?

No kidding.  What happened to the First Hundred Hours?  Hmmm. . . nice show for the 2006 rubes I guess.