Mike Johanns Approves of Insurance Plans On the Exchange Covering Abortion

I had to go back over this clip a couple times on my Tivo, but Mike Johanns does in fact argue for Stupak because it allows women to buy insurance plans on the exchange that provide abortion coverage:

JOHANNS:  Senantor Hatch, let me just interject something here because I think this is a very important point to make following up on what you just say.    Some say that a person would never want to purchase a separate rider to cover abortions.  Just won’t happen, they say.

But they misunderstand what the Stupak language actually allows, so let me be clear about this.

If a woman wants her health insurance plan to provide elective abortion services, she does have the choice to purchase a health insurance plan that provides that on the exchange — she just has to pay for it with her own money.  Am I correct in that interpretation, or have I misunderstood?

HATCH:  That’s correct.

From which we can conclude:

  1. Either Johanns and Hatch don’t know what’s in Stupak, or they’re lying about it to gain support AND
  2. Johanns and Hatch are okay with plans in the exchange offering elective abortion coverage as long as a woman pays for it “with her own money.”  Johanns even goes so far as to say this is an “important point.”

I guess that clears that up.

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