A new poll by Quinnipiac University is out, and it has less-than-stellar news for Joe Lieberman (not that he cares). Check out these bottom line numbers.

1. On the question, “Do you support or oppose giving people the option of being covered by a government health insurance plan that would compete with private plans?”, 56% of Connecticut voters say “support” and only 37% “oppose.” Support for the public option is overwhelming among Democrats (76%-14%) and strong among independents (54%-41%). Only Republicans oppose the public option, by a 28%-68% margin.

2. On the question about whether Senator Lieberman’s opposition to the public option makes you “more likely” or “less likely” to vote for him, the results aren’t great for Lieberman, with 33% saying “less likely” and only 23% saying “more likely.” Again, Democrats are far less likely to vote for Lieberman based on his public option stand, while Republicans are much more likely to vote for him. In other words, Lieberman’s doing great with his base on this issue – Republicans. And maybe, in the end, that’s all he cares about.

The bottom line is this: the public option is highly popular in Connecticut, and on balance it’s a political loser for Joe Lieberman to oppose it. But, then again, Lieberman does have his “principles.” (snark) Also, unfortunately, Lieberman’s not up for reelection until 2012. Sigh…