John and Joe at AmericaBlog are launching a donor boycott of the DNC.  We’re joining it along with Daily Kos, Dan Savage, Michelangelo Signorile, David Mixner, Andy Towle and Michael Goff of Towle Road, Paul Sousa (Founder of Equal Rep in Boston), Pam Spaulding, Robin Tyler (ED of the Equality Campaign, Inc.), and Bil Browning for the Bilerico Project:

Until the Democratic Congress passes, and President Obama signs, legislation enacting ENDA, repealing DADT, and repealing DOMA, we ask you to join us in pledging to postpone contributions to the Democratic National Committee, Organizing for America, and the Obama campaign.

If you’re a member of OFA, you can “unsubscribe” here and let them know you’ll be back when these issues have been addressed.

Also, today’s a big day in the New York State Senate, where they are likely to vote on gay marriage.  If you’re a New Yorker, please contact your state senator and let them know how you feel.