Back during the Alito confirmation battle, I got into a scrap with NARAL.  When Lincoln Chaffee announced that he would vote for cloture on the nomination of Judge Alito as part of the Gang of 14 “compromise” in 2006, I called NARAL’s offices and asked if they were down on the Hill yanking his endorsement.  NARAL said they didn’t count cloture votes — even though cloture was the only meaningful vote in this case.  NARAL subsequently sent out emails telling their members to thank Chaffee and Joe Lieberman for their meaningless “no” votes on the floor.

Well, I was going through some documents and found a list of NARAL’s board members in their 2007 990 filing.  Don’t ask me how I missed this, but in 2008, NARAL subsequently invited Chaffee to join their board.

That’s right, the guy who — as part of the Gang of 14 — paved the way for Alito’s confirmation, without whose help it could not have happened, was then invited on the board of NARAL.

Anybody still wondering why NARAL didn’t start organizing pro-choice Dems on July 1, when Stupak wrote his first letter?  Nah, me either.