Want To Help Lure A Primary Challenger For Blanche Lincoln?

Last night on Rachel Maddow I dared Blanche Lincoln to filibuster the public option, and said that there were credible people sitting on the sidelines in Arkansas, waiting for an entry point to launch a primary challenge. With 80% of Arkansas Democrats in support of a public option, if she decides to filibuster her own party — that’s a damn good one.

But there are other things that can make a race attractive to a primary challenger — or, conversely, make Lincoln think twice about joining a Republican filibuster.  Like hiring organizers in Arkansas to start knocking on doors and set up phone banks into Arkansas, and compiling the names of voters in the state who would support a primary challenge against her.

We need $30,000 to put this into action. It may well be the most effective $30,000 we spend on health care this year. Or EFCA, for that matter.

Will you dare Blanche, too?

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