Blanche Lincoln is certainly against a government funded public insurance option:

“Creating another government-funded option is not where we’re going. We don’t need to go there,” Lincoln told members of the Arkansas Farm Bureau during a video conference. “A government-funded option is something that I think is not the way to go.”

This philosophical opposition to government-funded insurance sure is interesting coming from the new chair of the Senate Agricultural Committee. As Ernie Dumas notes:

Six months ago, Senator Lincoln condemned President Obama for trying to reduce the federal budget by cutting the large taxpayer contribution to a government insurance program that she cherishes, the USDA’s crop reinsurance program. Lincoln comes from a farm family and agriculture is her political base.

Government insurance for the prosperous is a good thing; the same option for the toiling poor is a danger to the republic. That is the kind of year it has been.

If her opposition to a government run insurance program is truly philosophical and not just politically convenient, I look forward to all those Committee hearings on how the government can’t continue to insure Big Ag’s profits.