I’ve already said that I think allowing states to "opt-out" of a public option is an immoral and unnecessary political compromise, an attempt to let Democrats off the very hook that so many have worked so hard to get them on.  But I cannot say it nearly as well as Rikyrah does:

I feel as others on ‘the left of the left’ – this is utter BULLSHIT.

States can ‘opt out’?


So, if I live in New York, I can get insurance, but not if I live in Alabama.

I have said from the beginning about healthcare is that I see it as a right. I see it as a CIVIL RIGHT.

WHY am I getting deja vu once again, going back to the creation of Social Security and those who talked about ‘getting something – you know FDR didn’t get all he wanted on social security at first…it had to come in…over time..’

Yes, over time….on the BACKS OF BLACK PEOPLE WHO WERE CHEATED OUT OF WHAT THEY HAD WORKED FOR. For nearly a GENERATION, Blacks who worked in certain professions, who got up every damn day and went to work at underpaid, underappreciated jobs, were CHEATED OUT OF THE CHANCE TO PUT INTO SOCIAL SECURITY, and the end result of that is those that actually made it to Senior Citizenhood, had FAR LOWER BENEFITS.

States ‘opt out’?

How the hell is that anything other than STATES RIGHTS?

Oh, how it’s ok for these ‘state opt outs’, where the MAJORITY OF THE BLACK POPULATION in this country lives. Just name a state where you think that the state would ‘opt out’, and outside of Utah and Wyoming, there’s a sizeable Black population.

I told you, I have no interest in a shiny signing ceremony for a piece of legislation that is bullshyt and doesn’t fix the problem. I don’t care if The President ever gets another shiny signing ceremony.

Blue state liberals savoring the opportunity to punish red state rednecks for electing Republican majorities might want to consider that.  Once the "opt-out" makes its way into a Senate bill, it’s delusional to assume it’s going to come out in conference.  It’ll be the "acceptable compromise that even liberals support" from hereon in.  You’ve cashed in your right to ever object again.  Hell, even Krugman supports it, right?  And he’s the fucking Martha Stewart of "liberal."

So if this is what you’re advocating for, this is what you’re advocating for.  And health care reform — like Social Security before it — just got awfully pale.