A new New York Times poll shows that the public option is stil la god 20 percent more popular than health-care reform in general.

 Big Tent on Blue Dogs and "fiscal responsibility":

New poll by HCAN warns Democrats of 2010 electoral risks in swing districts of mandates with no public plan:

"Nationally," the memo reads, "voters oppose a mandate to purchase private insurance by 64% to 34% but support a mandate with a choice of private or public insurance by 60% to 37%… Each [survey] found that likely 2010 voters oppose ‘requiring everyone to buy and be covered by a private health insurance plan’ but support ‘requiring everyone to buy and be covered by a health insurance plan with a choice between a public option and private insurance plans.’"

 Then again, Rahm thought kicking labor in the ass with NAFTA in 1993 was a really swell idea, too.