John Conyers (D-MI)

I’ll see your Michael Capuano and Sam Farr and raise you a John Conyers, who pledges to oppose any health care bill that does not have a Medicare-like public plan.  No triggers, no co-ops, no BS:

The centerpiece of this reform is a robust Medicare-like public health insurance plan tied to the Medicare provider system.  Like many of my colleagues in both the House and Senate, I will oppose any health care reform bill that lacks such a plan.  I will also oppose any legislation that seeks to replace a robust public health insurance option with health care cooperatives or which ties the availability of the public option to a trigger mechanism.  In this effort, I stand in solidarity with House progressives, the majority of my friends in organized labor, millions of health care providers, and 72 percent of the American people.   

Although 60 members of Congress signed a letter saying they would vote against any bill that did not have a robust public option, the list we watch more closely has always been the one where members explicitly say they understand that "public option" means no co-ops and no triggers — the two trojan horses we’ve known since the day we started the whip count operation which would be deployed to destroy a true public plan.

If we can get that list to 40, then no bill can pass the House that does not have a real public option, as opposed to a "fake" public option (co-ops) or a fantasy future public option (triggers).

Call members of Congress and ask them to take the pledge to vote against any bill that does not have a real public option — no co-ops, no triggers.

And call Chairman Conyers once again and thank him for being a leader:  202-225-5126