tedicare.GIFSo, now that we’ve established that what Max Baucus and his insurance-industry buddies want is not what Teddy Kennedy wanted, the question is: What did Teddy Want?

We’ve already established that, too: Single-payer, or "Medicare for all". But since he couldn’t get that, he compromised by backing the inclusion of a strong public option in whatever legislation came before Congress.  HR 3200 has it. So does the Senate HELP Committee bill. But nothing that Big Bucks Baucus backs has a public option of any sort, much less a strong one.   

Baucus is trying to fool us all into thinking he and Kennedy never disagreed on anything health-care-related, when in fact Kennedy and Baucus sparred openly this year over the inclusion of a public option in health care reform legislation.

As both David "Kagro X" Waldman and Jane Hamsher point out,  naming a bad bill after Teddy is an insult to his memory.   It’s better to name the key thing he wanted, the one thing that was non-negotiable to him, after him:  The public option.  In that spirit, I decided to break out the graphics program and create a little Teddy for Teddy, and call it "Tedicare".   I’ve put a basic slogan on Tedicare’s chest, but readers are invited to come up with better ones.

Tedicare for All!