If any primary challengers in TN-05 were waiting for a signal that Jim Cooper was vulnerable, the Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll of his district should be a welcome signal:

Do you favor or oppose creating a new public health insurance plan that anyone can purchase?

     Favor  Oppose

All    61     28
Dem    80     11
GOP    20     65
IND    64     26

Do you approve or disapprove of Congressman Jim Coopers' actions on health care?

     Approve  Disapprove

All     31       60
Dem     16       77
Ind     26       60
GOP     68       27

A whopping 80% of Democrats in his district favor creating a public option — which cooper opposes.  And 16% approve of his handling of health care.

Jim Cooper is Mr. "fiscal purity" who nonetheless flipped and cast a vote for the $108 European bank bailout to get them off the hook for their toxic assets.  But he won’t lift a finger to help solve the health care crisis in Nashville right now.  Yobachi Boswell of BlackPerspective.net writes that the hosptital, which serves more than 30% of Nashville’s uninsured patients, is in a funding crisis and in danger of losing both its insurance and its accreditation due to staff layoffs.   But Jim Cooper doesn’t believe in "earmarks," so too bad for them.

Cooper’s district is heavily African American.  I’ve heard discontent with Cooper coming from many community leaders in both the churches and in state and city government with Cooper.  Now there are numbers to quantify that discontent.

Jim Cooper has been in the tank for the insurance industry for more than a decade.  Good to see it’s finally catching up with him.