If you didn’t get a chance to see it, there was a panel at Netroots Nation where I discussed the netroots battle for the public plan with Chris Bowers of Open Left, David Waldman/Kagro X of Congress Matters (without whom I seriously could not do what I do), McJoan of Daily Kos and Darcy Burner of the Progressive Caucus Foundation.

It was an interesting conversation and it was remarkably timely: the next day, Kathleen Sebelius started slow-rolling the White House’s retreat from the public plan.  I think that even for the panelists, it showed us that we were remarkably united on message and on objectives, such that we were prepared for what happened in coming days.  We’ve raised around $30,000 just today for members of Congress who will hold fast on the public option.

I really enjoyed it and thank everyone for participating.