Last night we had a rapid response effort after hearing reports that the Malkinites were going to swarm a health care event in Denver where Nancy Pelosi was showing up in support of Jared Polis and Diane DeGette.

Square State, ColoradoPol and Pronin2 at DailyKos spread the word and we signed up volunteers to attend the event. Jeralyn Merritt of Talk Left led the Denver residents went to the rally on short notice. Jeralyn reports on her adventures tonight.

Mark S. took videos and uploaded them to us after the event.  Notably, he spoke with on 16 year-old who had identified himself to Jeralyn as hailing from Wasilla, Alaska. Mark got a shot of his t-shirt, which had a picture of Obama and the slogan "Hitler gave good speeches, too":

He was chanting "read the bill, read the bill." I’m having a hard time believing that kid read the 1000 page bill.

Another Limbaugh fan was chanting "tell the truth, tell the truth," claimed that Obama was lying, but was hard pressed to come up with an answer when Mark asked what exactly he was lying about:

Johne over at Square State reports that the protesters were bussed in

Today in Florida, a health care rally with Rep. Kathy Castor turned violent. The free thinkers teabaggers there were chanting "read the bill" and — wait for it –"tell the truth."

Incoming reports from the Donna Edwards, Jay Inslee and Kathy Castor events will be up soon. If anyone else has picures, videos or a report from an event, remember to let us know here.

Update:  KellyCDenver has a great diary up at The Seminal with terrific video from the rally. The fact that so many people mobilized so quickly and got out there is really amazing. Big props.