Here’s a round-up of the latest action in Minnesota, Oklahoma, Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Texas, New Mexico, Montana, Maryland and Delaware:

Minnesota - Brian Falldin puts out a call to action

Oklahoma - Spreading FDL Action on Craigslist for Tulsa

Colorado – Aaron Silverstein of Square State, on why congressman Jared Polis should listen to candidate Jared Polis

Connecticut - tparty on Rosa DeLauro’s refusal to join progressives in picking up after the Blue Dogs

Kentucky - hillybilly links public option to farm subsidies

Texas - boadicia says listen to doctors and "whip ‘em good"

New Mexico - LP gave props for Rep. Lujan’s strong speech in favor of a public option

Montana - Without any Dem Representatives to whip, Montanans are gearing up to crash a Baucus/Tester fundraiser

Maryland - Rusty5329 at Free State Politics gave props to Donna Edwards for drawing a line in the sand for a public option

Delaware - Delaware Liberal organizes calls to Tom Carper