Chellie Pingree releases a statement:

I’m not going to vote for any House bill that doesn’t include a robust public option without any triggers or coops–that’s a must-have for me. I also believe that it’s vital that there be a vote on the bill before the August recess. Delaying will only give entrenched special interests time to do everything they can to defeat it.

We specifically asked if "House bill" also meant conference report, and she indicated that it did.

That’s what we’re looking for — a public plan that is available upon day one of implementation (no triggers), nationwide (no coops).

Chellie also gave a great floor statement yesterday about the need to vote on a health care bill before recess (vide0). 

We’re adding her to our Health Care Heros page

Since the Senate won’t even take up health care until after August, we’re probably looking at October at least until there’s a vote on a conference report.  We need 28 more progressive House members to commit to vote against any health care bill without a robust public plan (no co-ops or triggers).

If 40 progressive members will make that commitment, then Democrats have to do what 76% of the country wants them to do if they want to pass health care.  And if they don’t pass health care, members of the caucus know  — down to the very last one of them — that it will be a 2010 electoral disaster. 

So keep calling.  Make them do it.  And stop by and say thanks to Chellie for her leadership.