Our petition asking Congress to stay and pass health care is up to 28,000 people now.  We’d love to make it 30,000 by tonight.

Not only will Mike Stark be delivering these signatures to members of Congress tomorrow, but we’ll also be using this list to contact people during August and organizing meetups to let members of Congress know that we want a meaningful public plan to be included in any health care bill. 


Congress may very well go home for August without having finished the job. But that just means they’ll be back home… where you are.

And if you’ve asked them to stay and do this work, and instead they leave it on the table but come back to where you can reach them, and where you can visit their offices, and where you can see them at county fairs, town hall meetings, fire station openings, and all the things they’ve come back home to do…

And if, when you see them, your demand that they stay in DC to finish this work is top-of-mind, well then, you’re in a position to let them know it.

As Chellie Pingree said, members of the House and Senate are going to get hammered with millions of dollars in advertising spreading misinformation in August. And there will be well-funded rolling GOP astroturf freak shows invading their districts, too. 

That’s why President Obama is asking Congress to stick around, too.

So please sign before midnight tonight.  You can also use our invite tool to use your address book to let your friends and family know about the petition.