Look at this man, Rep. Mike Ross, who’s proud of himself for defying President Obama and working to kill health care reform in the Energy and Commerce Committee mark-up today. He’s proud that he’s in line with Republican Senator DeMint who wants to make health care reform into a "Waterloo" to break President Obama’s agenda. Here’s Senator DeMint again below:

"If we’re able to stop Obama on this it will be his Waterloo. It will break him," he said.

 Rep. Mike Ross sounds just like Senator DeMint when he says stuff like these below and wants to delay the passage of health care reform:

“I think they underestimated the Blue Dogs on this. They are dug in. They’re ‘bowed up.’ They’ve all gotten an earful back home.

“We’re more united than we’ve ever been, and so it’s not as easy as inviting one Member in after the next and finding out what their pet project is and helping them with their pet project for their vote. This is much bigger than that.”

“When I’m invited in to meet with the Speaker or the president,” he said, “I go into those meetings thinking that I don’t need to come around to their opinion — they need to come around.”

What about the people in Rep. Mike Ross’s district? Doesn’t he need to come around for the 21.8% of people in his district that are uninsured? That’s 500,000 constituents that he doesn’t care about when he works to weaken the House Tri-Committee bill, and doesn’t accept President Obama’s suggestion to create a MedPac panel to oversee Medicare reimbursement rates.

Blue Cross Blue Shield in Rep. Mike Ross’s district has a 75% market share–that means it has a near monopoly, and people can’t get insurance anywhere else in his district. It’s why they need the choice of a public option to help lower the costs of private insurers and helps keep them honest in that district. If a constituent in Rep. Mike Ross’s district gets laid off, or is in a small business, that person would be able to afford health care under President Obama’s plan with access to the public option in the national insurance exchange for his or her family. That person would receive subsidies from the government and his small business employer in order to help make his or her monthly premiums affordable.

It’s quite astonishing that Rep. Mike Ross is working to tank the House health care plan that would be deficit-neutral, create a six billion dollar surplus and cover 97% of the uninsured people in his district. So much for fiscal responsibility, eh?