Debbie Wasserman-Schultz just had the same extensive treatment for breast cancer that I did. Not sure how much hers cost, but with the fine health care plan she has as a member of Congress, I’m sure it was less than the $60,000 it cost me as someone who is fully insured by Blue Cross.

So when she says it’s more important for her to be in a leadership position fighting for a public plan than it is to make a commitment to vote against a bill that doesn’t have one, I think that’s a luxury she can afford:

DWS: I’m planning to reform for a health care reform plan that includes a robust public option.

Mike Stark: Those are … we’re calling them "weasel words" over at FDL just because it does give you a huge loophole to back out of .

DWS: Well I’m not someone who draws lines in the sand.

Actually, here’s Rep. Wasserman-Schultz on controlling the budget:

And that’s the direction we are going to continue to go in, because that line in the sand that you referred to, we have got to draw one.

Here’s Rep. Wasserman-Schultz after Hurricane Katrina:

We cannot ever let this happen again, and we have got to draw a line in the sand and say this far and no further.

Now, it was perfectly appropriate to draw lines in the sand over those issues. But what she’s really saying is that a public plan isn’t, in her mind, worth drawing a line in the sand over, because she actually draws them somewhat easily.

And in the end, if the women in this country see that Rep. Wasserman-Schultz was simply protecting her right to be a part of leadership and vote for a crappy Kent Conrad co-op plan that leaves them out in the cold, they’ll know that she actually was drawing a line in the sand — they just get to stand on the other side of it.

She concludes:

DWS: I’ve been a legislator for 17 years, and I’m a pretty effective one, so I think I’ve been on the right track so far, and I’m going to continue on that track.

Before this is over, it will be interesting to see on whose behalf she is "effective."

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