It’s offensive that the insurance industry exploits people who have had serious illnesses to argue against providing health care for people with serious illnesses.   It’s offensive that they’re trying to make the argument that the only reason American want a public plan is because PHrma is putting up advertisements supporting a public plan.  It’s offensive that wingnuts can get away with asserting that they are just concerned about patient’s rights, or that the American people accept their astroturf bs in overwhelming numbers.

When NYCeve and I were on the Hill yesterday, we spoke to a woman who had to get a legal separation from her husband so she could get cancer treatment for her 10 year-old son.  The fact is that 76% of Americans support a public plan because the current system is a bureaucratic nightmare of monumental proportions and anyone who is talking about guarding insurance company profit at this point is a moral monster.

The Blue Dogs just rebelled against the House bill, which currently includes a public option, and 52 members are saying they won’t support it.  Their coffers are overflowing with health insurance industry money, and unless people speak out and shame them, tell their health insurance industry horror stories, we’re going to lose this one.

Congress never had ordinary people come to the Hill and tell their insurance industry horror stories. But the insurance industry got plenty of time.  We want to know your story.  If you tell it to us, we’ll get it to your member of Congress.  And we want you to come to Washington DC and join us as we let Congress know that the status quo is an outrage.

It’s time to get mad.

Let’s do it together.