Paul Bass of the New Haven Independent catches up with President Lieberman, who says a public plan is not going to happen — because he’s going to rally a bipartisan Senate group against it.

Which, of course, instantly spawned much fond nostalgia from veterans of the 2006 campaign.  

Tparty has started a collection over at My Left Nutmeg:

Lieberman devoted a conference call with reporters to an issue that his main rival in the U.S. Senate race, Democratic nominee Ned Lamont, has highlighted in recent days.

"I have long supported the goal of universal health care," Lieberman told reporters. "Ned Lamont can talk about it. I’ve been doing something about it all the time I’ve been here.

Lieberman, who voted for every war supplemental and every bank bailout that he ever encountered without batting an eyelash about the expense, suddenly says that a public plan is "a cost we can’t take on."

So take a stroll down memory lane, and enjoy the Best of Joe.  And remember, like Bill Clinton said,  it didn’t matter who won — Lamont or Lieberman — because both were Democrats.

Win win!