Note:  I’ll be on CSPAN tomorrow morning at 8:10 am talking about the supplemental. If you’re from McGovern’s district, call in and let’s talk about this — jh

Listen to this YouTube made a mere 5 days ago (June 10) of committed antiwar activist James McGovern, who was dead set against voting for the supplemental if it didn’t contain troop withdrawal provisions:

We need to demand benchmarks and conditionality, we need to demand an exit strategy for the military from this administration.  Look, I complained when George Bush was President that we didn’t have benchmarks, we didn’t have conditions — I did so not because I thought Bush was a bad President and I was being a partisan, I did so because I believed it was important.  It was the right policy.  I still believe it’s the right policy for any kind of military engagement that we encounter to have a clearly defined mission — a beginning, a middle and an end. And that means an exit strategy.  And as much as I love President Obama, I believe that this administration needs to come up with some benchmarks and an exit strategy.  

McGovern signed the 2007 pledge to vote for no war funding that didn’t bring troops home safely.  He voted against the supplemental the first time, then he signed Maxine Waters’ May 21 letter indicating that the way the IMF bill was written he couldn’t vote for that, either. 

And now, here’s Jim McGovern tonight, per Congress Daily ($):

But the photo provision was stripped from the bill last week in a bid to win support from House liberals who formerly opposed the supplemental.One such liberal, Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.), indicated today he would support the bill on Tuesday. Few, if any, House Republicans are expected to support the bill because of the IMF funds.

Graham-Lieberman was stripped on June 8, 2 days before McGovern made the YouTube in which he said he opposed the supplemental.

People who want to know how Rep. McGovern plans to explain these inconsistencies can call his office at (202) 225-6101 and ask.