Reliable sources say Lloyd Doggett a likely "no" vote on supplemental.

Turn Maine Blue tells Mainers to call Michaud, Pingree and urge them to vote "no."

Digby:  "This bail-out for European banks by the American taxpayer is such a bad idea that they had to attach it to a "support the troops" emergency supplemental in order to get it passed.

Conservatives get into the act:  Hot Air and Red State whip Republicans against Blue Dogs.  IMF & "Cash for Clunkers" won’t be a free vote for them in conservative districts when 2010 comes around.

Nancy Pelosi says she opposed Graham-Lieberman in supplemental.   Now if we just had a plan for dealing with the next 700 bills they’ll attach it to in the Senate.

Mark Weisbrott:  "The battle is taking place primarily under the radar, with the major media mostly ignoring it, and avoiding the substantive issues in the few reports that have surfaced. The details are very interesting for what they reveal about politics in the United States."

Kagro on the 95 Democrats who joined with Republicans who want to be able to drag Graham-Lieberman back into House version of the supplemental.  It’s non-binding, but WTF.

And what can I say…I just love Brendan.