Keep dialing, Rahm.  Howie Klein seems to be ahead of you:

I spoke with Alan Grayson (D-FL) about an hour ago and he said that this is a vote of conscience and that he will not be switching his vote against the supplemental.

I spoke with Steve Cohen (D-TN) as well and he said he’s still with us but will give the leadership a fair hearing.

As for my own representative, Diane Watson (D-CA), her office says she’s studying the changes the Senate made to the bill and will have an answer next week.

A Paul Ryan (R-WI) staffer said things I can’t repeat on a family blog like FDL.

Massa, Moran, Grayson and likely Cohen are against.   Readers report that Barbra Lee is a no, and that both Keith Ellison and Jan Schakowsky will oppose if the Lieberman amendment blocking the release of the detainee photos is included. Barney Frank and Louise Slaughter have also indicated they’ll vote "no" if Lieberman is in the conference report.

That’s 9 of the 38 needed to block passage.  I’m actually a bit surprised that figure isn’t higher — you would think that Reps who have been collecting campaign contributions for years from anti-war activists based on their firm commitment to vote against funding the war would be a bit faster to express their opposition to this bill.

But the important point is — as far as I can tell, Rahm has collected "zero" of the votes he needs to pass the bill with war funding, IMF and Lieberman included.   (It’s unclear whether George Miller knew of the plans to include Graham-Lieberman when he said he would switch his vote, or if — like Barney Frank — that’s a bright line for him.) Barney Frank would vote "yea" on the war funding and the IMF, but that’s not the deal being offered at the moment.  

Like Robert Naiman, I’m looking forward to the 2010 GOP ads pelting Democratic incumbents with "Voted for $100 Billion Bailout of European Banks."

We’ll start calls again tomorrow morning.  In the mean time, Bob Fertik has a nice Twitter campaign telling Dems who voted against the supplemental the first time to stick to their guns.  Worth Re-Tweeting.