jim-moran-2.thumbnail.jpgAccording to Ray McGovern, Rep. Jim Moran (brother of Virginia gubernatorial candidate Brian Moran) will vote against the supplemental appropriations bill to fund the war in Afghanistan and the IMF. 

Ray says (via email) that he "called his congressman, Jim Moran, Democrat, Northern Virginia, on Thursday, June 4, to ask him to vote NO on the supplemental.  Jim said he had decided to vote NO, unless there were substantial changes."

CQ reports that in order to pass the supplemental, leadership needs to flip 18 of the 51 Democrats who voted against it the first time.  But Moran didn’t vote against it the first time — he voted for it.

Bottom line:  They’re losing votes, not gaining them. 

The inclusion of Graham-Lieberman, which would block the release of the detainee photos, coupled with the phone calls people have been putting in to their Representatives, are driving things in the opposite direction.

We’ll start the calls again on Monday, but in the mean time, Rahm will be gesticulating wildly over this one.