mccainacorn1.thumbnail.jpgBen Smith has a photo of McCain at an ACORN event he headlined in 2006, smiling like the "I’ll say anything to anyone for a vote" suckup he is.

Meanwhile, the anti-ACORN juggernaut that seeks to delegitimize the election and/or drive John McCain into the White House is operating at full speed. Replete with fact-free wingnutiness such as this:

All across America reports are coming in of obvious voter fraud. While election offices have been flooded with new registrants, even a cursory review is finding rampant fraud.

There is not one example of voter fraud in the ACORN case. Not. One. Single. Example. It isn’t voter fraud until someone votes. That is a pretty simple distinction, but one that many seem incapable of grasping. In an election that will largely be determined by votes cast by people of color, the wingnuts just can’t wrap their heads around the fact that this could legitimately happen in the United States of America. Thus inconvenient facts must be shoehorned to fit into an extremely emotional narrative.

Likewise on Lou Dobbs, which has largely become disinformation central in the matter, Tim Griffin appeared to push more ridiculous claims about ACORN. And during the show, Dobbs had "election fraud" running across the chyron.

Neither Griffin, Dobbs or any of the other dithering idiots on the right have bothered to explain how, if some drunken frat boy shows up and registers to vote as Clark Kent, it’s going to result in a "stolen election."

A handful of people could feasibly submit 2100 non-legitimate registration forms out of a desire to get paid an hourly wage without actually doing the work. On the other hand, finding and mobilizing 2100 people to vote fraudulently would be a massive organizational task requiring the work of many.

Occam’s razor, people.