Lern2Internets: GOP Sexist Gaffe VotefortheMILF.com is Gone

oyuit53sk.thumbnail.jpgSexist much?

Calling your running mate a Mom I‘d Like to F**k doesn’t really demonstrate the family values and moral stance hyped by the Republican Party, so there must was scrambling at McShame headquarter after his campaign’s ownership of  www.votefortheMILF.com was exposed.

Huge gaffe. And what a laugh!

Within hours the Whois Privacy information for Voteforthe MILF.com–showing it matched JohnMcCain.com’s Whois Privacy and that the URL  for both sites were held by same registrar–were set to private.

So were the Whois Privacy listings for the  .net and .org versions  of www.votefortheMILF which had also originally redirected to the McCain campaign website.

And now in a feeble, pathetic, doddering attempt to cover their epic fail, www.voteforthemilf.com redirects the curious to a loooooong  Wikipedia article on domain registration. 

No way this was a troll. Otherwise voteforthe MILF would have clicked through something more clever, if slightly over-exposed.


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