Sarah Palin’s Yahoo! account was hacked anonymously and screen shots posted on wikileaks which issued a press release claiming the anti-Scientology activists Anonymous were behind it.

However, that faction of Anonymous says no:

One of the main tenets of the anonymous movement against the Church of Scientology is to stay legal. Anonymous is no fixed group, just a term for anyone who acts without giving their name. We don’t know who is responsible for the hack on Sarah Palin’s mail account or what their attitudes to Scientology or anything else are. For us, they are anonymous, because we don’t know who they are and they are not us.

"We know it’s not those of us against scientology" said an "Anonymous" participant in IMs with us. "Radar suggested we do that in a recent column. Which is precisely why we wouldn’t. NYPA (not your personal army)."

Most likely, according to another Anonymous insider, speaking to us exclusively, "It was /b/ from 4chan, a group that posts anonymously and creates internet mayhem and mischief. "