Randy Altschuler

Meet Randy Altschuler, another member of that rag-tag team of McCain bundlers just trying to scrape by while making things just a bit better for those seeking gainful employment in these United States.

CSCS has learned that Altschuler, the co-founder of Office Tiger (an independent business unit of RR Donnelley), has pioneered new ways to send U.S. jobs abroad, while pocketing a pretty penny in the process. According to Global Technology Forum:

Besides the entrepreneurial capabilities of Mr Sigelman and fellow founder Randolph Altschuler, OfficeTiger’s roaring growth has been due in part to its decision to be different. While most BPO companies thrive on call centres or back-office work of secondary importance, OfficeTiger has targeted the high-end segment, offering knowledge-based outsourcing that is industry-focused, “judgment-based” and supports core functions of a client’s business. These are mission-critical services, requiring OfficeTiger professionals to apply their judgment–such as preparing a key presentation for a US chief financial officer within an hour, providing audit support for a global accounting firm or undertaking financial research and analysis for bankers.

Initially, it was not easy for OfficeTiger to sell the idea to US companies that they should outsource office functions considered critical. While companies were used to the outsourcing of information technology (IT) support services, routine clerical work, and well-defined functions like customer support through call centres, core office functions were always handled in-house.

However, over time, OfficeTiger was able to convince more and more companies about the benefits of outsourcing these functions. OfficeTiger continues to focus on judgment-based outsourcing services such as print and publishing solutions (from concept through design and composition to pre-press services and release-to-print), research and data analytics (such as business information services, financial analytics and strategic market research) and financial management services. That OfficeTiger offers “real-time” solutions is evident in that about one-third of its assignments are delivered in less than an hour.

So where does your job go once Mr. Altschuler convinces your employer of the need to send it abroad?

OfficeTiger is an unusual animal in the virtual zoo of India’s business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. Set up barely six years ago by two young Americans after friends and ex-colleagues chipped in for seed capital, New York-headquartered OfficeTiger has emerged as a major player in BPO services, with two large operations in Chennai in southern India, and smaller outlets in Colombo and Manila. The company employs 4,000 people worldwide, and its clients include Fortune 500 companies, investment banks, global consulting and accountancy firms, global law firms and retail chains, among others. Co-founder Joseph Sigelman forecasts that his company’s revenue will be about US$135m in 2006.

So we have a man raising large "bundled" sums of money for John McCain–a candidate who argues he’ll improve our economy, even though he doesn’t really know too much about the subject – whose job is to profit from convincing clients to create more unemployment in the United States by shipping jobs abroad. Remember, this is just one of McCain’s 507 bundlers. Who knows what we’ll find when we take a cursory glance into the business and personal dealings of the other 506?