2007, however, was a particularly "mavericky"" year, as he only supported President Bush 19 out of every 20 times (95%). Therefore, if you subract 5% from 82% (or the % who think things are headed in the wrong direction), McCain was only taking us in the wrong direction about 78% of the time in 2007.

Just FYI. Oh, and by complete coincidence, they are fundraising together today in AZ:

PHOENIX — A fundraiser for presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain at the Phoenix Convention Center has been canceled.

Convention Center spokeswoman Alexandria Van Haren says the event scheduled for Tuesday evening is no longer being held at the downtown location and that the fundraiser will be held at an undisclosed site.

Calls to the McCain campaign, which had listed the Convention Center event on its Web site, weren’t immediately returned Friday evening.

President Bush, however, is still scheduled to attend a McCain fundraiser on Tuesday at a private home in Arizona.

Update: Barack Obama comments on the Bush/McCain "private fundraiser":