I am guessing that it probably would have been prudent to "reject" this endorsement much earlier– or perhaps not actively seek it in the first place. Knowing what these guys stand for–as his people should have, were they to have done any vetting whatsoever–should have been a warning that this day was coming:

McCain’s team canceled press conference this morning and later the candidate avoided reporters’ shouted questions during a meet-and-greet with an invited audience members at the Union City plant.

Reporters were barred from a fundraiser at Whitman’s Atherton home where the candidate raised an estimated $2.5 million. In the past, Whitman has opened her home to reporters for fundraisers and events.

When McCain starts limiting access to "his base," you know he’s in trouble. But, in his defense, it isn’t just Hagee, it is the lobbyists on staff that have represented foreign agents who make Idi Amin look like Mother Teresa.

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Additionally, here is some insight into why McCain realized he had to make it a twofer and dump Parsley too. This report by Brian Ross of ABC was not going to be good for his campaign:

This is not the end but only the beginning. McCain is surrounded by controversial pastors, uber-lobbyists, overt racists and those being indicted by the FBI. Consider this an appetizer. And perhaps Camp McCain will begin to regret ever jumping on the Jeremiah Wright racial bandwagon.